The Wake Up Call

AfroSexism: Evolution of Black Misogyny

October 6, 2017 : Episode 114 Weight Behind Rhetoric, The Illinois State Constitution, Chicago’s Sanctuary City Status, Taking Jobs, Chiraq’s Accuracy, All About Action Fallacy, School Integration, Black Men Vs. Black Women, African Slavery, Black Male Suffrage, Save the Show…

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Propaganda: Criminals Criminalizing Victims

October 04, 2017 : Episode 113 Mass Shootings, False Equivalencies, Israel Vs. Palestine, White Gun Culture, Katrina Atrocities, Glamorizing Gangstas, Truth Will Not Set You Free, Propaganda, Repeating History on Purpose, The Militia Movement, Elaborate Lies, Loss of Civil Liberties….

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Fuck Waka Flocka!

Yo! Fuck Waka Flocka!   Fuck all of you ABA (Anything But African) fucking Coons!   Now he tryna walk back is ignorant as statements while throwing in a little Classism to boot.   He think cuz he’s been allowed to “travel the world” and Coon for various nations and cultures (fulfilling all of the…

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