Remembering Darren Seals

Amerikkka // Ferguson



“Seals was the heart and soul of the Ferguson Uprising. It was Darren who marched with Michael Brown Sr and who consoled Mike Brown’s mother as the nonindictment was read. It was Darren who called out the exploitation by Black Lives Matter, who literally got in the face of STLPD spokesman Jeff Roorda and slapped the taste out of Deray’s mouth

I remember the first time I saw Darren. It was at the intersection of West Florissant and Canfield after leaving the Michael Brown vigil at Canfield only to find ourselves surrounded and being kettled by Ferguson police. He was surveying the scene, taking everything in. He had a warrior spirit, a silent rage… making eye contact you could see it simmering beneath the surface. I had no idea at the time we would later connect in a profound way.

It was Darren who stood with the people over nonprofits and the Democrat Party. Who stood with me when I was the lone voice of opposition, who supported my work and joined my efforts, who amplified my voice/terminology and was taking steps to fund this movement.

Darren was found shot to death and set on fire in his truck on a week after this post. To this day no one has been arrested for his assassination.

This platform is dedicated to the memory of my comrade Darren Seals.
Rest in power King!”

– Nyota


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