G.B.U. by Nite Owl

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I hear a lot of talk about how people should & shouldn’t protest after the police murder black men in plain sight. I don’t hear enough talk about racism & police brutality.

For every action there’s a reaction. Black folks have been fighting for justice & being killed at the same time. Enough is enough!

I’ve have had more than a handful of negative experiences with the police, a lot more than I’d like to remember. It’s more than just negative interactions, it’s more like harassed, profiled & assaulted.

Not all police are bad, but they need to be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law when they commit crimes like homicide in the same community they’re supposed to protect & serve.

GBU stands for Good Bad Ugly!

That’s my food for thought.
You do the dishes.

-Nite Owl



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